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How Tender Loving Celt came to be:

Welcome to Tender Loving Celt, a place of empowerment and healing. I'm so happy that you've made your way here today!


 I would like to take this opportunity in the most loving of ways to share with you about what Tender Loving Celt is offering.


I'm from a line of healers, spiritual advisers and farmers that had migrated from Scotland three generations ago. A longing in my heart felt that it was important  to research my lineage and the spiritual practices of my ancestors. I was blessed with growing up with good friends of indigenous decent; where I was empowered to listen to my gifts and heal through spirit and the oneness of life. Along the way I have had the privilege to meet and learn from a variety of professional healers, and spiritual guides. 


This has inspired me to offer the guidance that has been shared with me to empower others in their life journey too., We are forever growing and connecting. I dream of a time where we all are able to connect and this site is just the beginning of limitless possibilities. 


 I welcome you to go through our website and see if one of our offers are resonating with you. I'm looking forward to working with you and assisting you along your path.


Love and Healing Light

Feedback from one or our clients:


"I received a crystal reading a few weeks ago. I enjoyed every moment of the reading. Sarah... has a great calmness and a loving and compassionate way of delivering the messages that you receive during the reading. I was given some much needed clarity that helped me be able to take that clarity into my every day life. It was a very life changing reading for me. I would recommend the Crystal reading for anyone who is looking for specific and more detailed answers to the truth they are seeking. Thanks Tender Loving Celt for all the awesomeness you have helped bring into my life. ♥ " ~ K. Gallant"


"I have known Sarah Bevan  of Tender Loving Celt for over a year now.  We have developed an effective level of communication in that she is able to readily read my health challenges and offer remedies to assist me. Sarah has a lot performed Tarot card readings at my request and to my satisfaction. 


I find Sarah to be delightfully sincere and willing to assist in any way.  She is also quite knowledgeable and knows what she is talking about.  I highly recommend Sarah as a health and wellness consultant. 

Sincerely ,~Sue Gilbert "







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